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Bakery Equipment for the Wholesale Baking Industry

Since 2001, the engineering team at Bakery Systems Incorporated has designed precision-quality control products for the wholesale baking industry. This has assisted some of the top wholesale bakeries in assuring that their products are of the highest quality while maintaining consistent production weights.

Investing in innovative BSI products gives Accurate Superior Scale customers the edge they need to reduce product waste, control expenses, and increase profitability. Reach out to us in St. Louis, Missouri, to learn more.

Auto Mix

Dough Saver

The Rotary Dough Saver Divider Control System employs a high-speed, high-precision weigh cell with 0.1 gram readability that can provide 1,000 weight samples per second. This weigh cell is used in conjunction with a servo-driven, 10" diameter UHMW wheel with 4 pockets machined 90 degrees apart. Dough pieces are conveyed to the wheel and fall in to the up-facing pocket. Approximately 250 weight samples are collected that reflect the weight of the dough piece at rest in the pocket.

An average weight and standard deviation calculation determine the dough piece weight, along with its degree of accuracy. When the arrival of the next dough piece occurs, the wheel rotates to drop the previous dough piece on a conveyor for processing. After the desired number of dough pieces is weighed, the average weight is calculated and compared to the divider target weight. If an error exists, a scaling adjustment signal is sent to the divider. By maintaining an average dough piece weight that is the same as the divider target weight, a divider scaling weight reduction is possible to pursue the label weight in the wrap area. A convenient, industrial PC touch screen controller/operator interface manages the process and also stores the real-time weight information.

Bread Wheel

Every baker knows that dough density changes from the time it is dropped out of a mixer to the time it arrives at the divider. That is very significant when trying to measure and divide portions by volume. Ram and shear or pocket-type dividers adjust scaling by increasing or decreasing the volume of each portioning chamber. If dough density was consistent, the same size pocket would always produce the same size dough piece.

The extrusion-type dividers, with or without a metering pump, force dough through an orifice at a given flow rate. A cutoff mechanism passes through the dough stream at a desired interval, cutting a dough piece that is the inner diameter of the orifice with a length that is dictated by how often a cut is made. For example, 1" in diameter and 2" long.

Two factors contribute to scaling errors in this scenario. The first is the same as the pocket-type divider. The geometry of your portioning chamber or tube is irrelevant and the same size dough piece will almost never weigh the same. Second is the inability to keep the dough flow rate out of the cutoff orifice consistent without overworking the dough and creating heat, which contributes to changing the dough density and characteristics.

Vision Validator

The Vision Validator is a completely integrated quality inspection and rejection system which monitors the weight, height, and color of baked bread loaves approaching the packaging area at rates of 200 pieces per minute. This system utilizes a high-precision, in-motion weighing system that incorporates non-proprietary, high-speed height and color components. Every baked loaf is inspected prior to slicing. If any criteria fall outside an acceptable range, the loaves can be rejected into a module.

The system can be adapted to any conveyor layout that precedes the wrap area, including decline and incline sections. The system provides real-time graphs for each loaf inspection to identify negative process trends. All of the inspection results are written to a text file for analysis using your preferred SPC software or our CheckManager quality analysis software. Additional inspections, such as topping coverage and disbursement, split-top verification, dimensions, and roll-over identification, can be added at any time with each inspection module. The Vision Validator inspection system is perfect for satisfying customers with the most demanding quality requirements.

Batch Manager Software

The Batch Manager Software installed on the supervisor computer allows for supervisory editing and the creating of formulas and ingredient tables. The scheduling function allows the supervisor to determine the order of formulas to be run for a production period, along with the number of batches for each formula and any partial formulas that are required. The production schedule is downloaded to the MB scaling stations to begin production.