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Our service staff is trained to troubleshoot and repair any problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer weighing scale and system repair for all makes and models.

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Accurate Superior Scale

Our 17 locations allow us to serve clients in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Arkansas, Nebraska, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Minnesota and Wisconsin. We are headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri.

We install and support all major brands and offer rental services for short-term needs. Our certified Engineers and technicians can provide high value solutions.

Accurate Superior Scale is dedicated to keeping your equipment up and running. We don’t just promise reliability; we deliver it using world-class technology and our ISO certified technicians.

Industries We Service


Turn investment into profit – Our agricultural product offering can make a measurable difference in farming and agricultural applications.


We offer a variety of solutions to help you adhere to FDA, USDA, ISO 22000, BRC, SQF, and HACCP standards among others.


We work with you to provide high-quality, consistent products because your products must not only satisfy consumers, but must also meet strict industry regulatory, quality, and safety standards.


Our truck scales and weighbridges are designed and built to weigh accurately and reliably in tough environments during constant use.

Transportation and Logistics

The logistics and shipping industries thrive on the accuracy of their scales as well as the prevention of penalties.

Waste Refuse

Weight data plays a crucial role in all waste management or recycling industries.


We offer a complete line of legal for trade for trade balances, scales and laboratory products for the Cannabis, dispensary and botanical markets.

Mining and Aggregate

Accurate weight data is critical for all sectors of the mining and aggregate industries.

Food & Beverage

Maintain consistency, quality, safety, and hygiene standards.


We can help automate processes, increase productivity, deliver consistent output, and ensure intrinsic safety within operations.

Pharma / Biotech

Weight data plays a crucial role in comprehensive measurement solutions and calibration services to keep your critical equipment running at peak performance.