We offer a great rental program for your short or longer-term needs.

If you only need scale equipment for a short time, no matter what the purpose may be, then Accurate Superior Scale’s rental program may be the best choice for you.

By renting you will be able to reduce expenditures on maintenance and storage costs, as well as redistribute capital investment costs. Virtually every type of scale we sell can be rented for your temporary purposes, special needs or if you simply want to try before you buy. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff can assist you in choosing the right scale for your specific needs and budget.

We understand that customers need to get the job done quickly and efficiently at an affordable price with equipment they can count on to be accurate. We have rentals in every type and size and each is available by the day, week, and month or for however long you need them. If you are interested in exploring how Accurate Superior Scale’s rental scales can help fulfill your business’ needs, quickly and efficiently, contact us today at (800) 745-9539.

Truck Scales

Accurate Superior Scale offers a full range of steel and concrete deck truck scales that are available to rent for your business needs.

Test Weights

Accurate Superior Scale offers a full range of scale test weights for rent to ensure that your scale is accurate and performing properly.

Bench Scales

Accurate Superior Scale has a large selection of bench scales for rent in variety of accuracies, materials, and sizes.

Counting Scales

Work with Accurate Superior Scale to rent the right counting floor scale for your exact needs.

Floor Scales

Accurate Superior Scale has a complete line of  heavy duty platform floor scales for long or short term rental.

Crane Scales

We stock a wide range of crane scales for rent that will help you make the most accurate weights & measures.