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System Integrations

Accurate Superior Scale and Data Collection Solutions can help configure, integrate, and transfer data to ensure your operation has access to the level of information that you require.

Basic Data to Full Integrations

Our programming team can provide any solution from a basic data collection package to a fully integrated software solution. We can provide automated, semi-automatic, and manual batch controllers as well as custom tailored control strategies to meet your specific needs. Fast, accurate, and always reliable, our controllers can be combined with high-performance scale bases, weigh modules, or measurement cells to provide a complete solution for any batching or filling application.

  • Connect your scales and other production devices
  • Use integrated dashboard tool for easy analysis of your operation
  • View your dashboards from anywhere in your plant, even on tablet PCs

Seamless Integration into ERPs

We provide interfacing and front end scale/data entry tasks and push the information to your ERP (even SAP). Whether you need barcode scanning or printing and bar code scanning hardware, our experienced team of programmers can help you.

  • Data Centralized in a Single Location
  • Production data from any device stored in a central repository
    • Connect production devices with RS232 or Ethernet
    • Optimized collection engine can store millions of records
  • Graphical Visualization of Data
    • Customized looks for any individual or role with the integrated dashboard tool
    • Dynamic and engaging dashboards show current production status for easy analysis
    • View dashboards from anywhere in your plant, even tablet PCs
  • Ability to Share Knowledge
    • Web-based software means your information is available wherever you are
    • Save data as CSV and dashboards as PDF for data archiving
    • Live export to Microsoft Excel for advanced analysis or transfer to other systems

Let Accurate Superior Scale find or develop the right data collection system for your business.

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